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5 Major Benefits of Carports in Sarasota, Florida

5 Major Benefits of Carports in Sarasota, Florida

Across Southwest Florida, more people are starting to notice and embrace the big benefits of having a high-quality aluminum carport on their properties. These versatile structures have become life-changers for many Sunshine State residents. That’s because they go far beyond merely providing shade and protection for your vehicle.

Whether you own one, multiple, or no personal vehicle, everyone can benefit from a carport. Here are some of the major perks:

1) Protection from the Elements

Recent severe weather events have demonstrated what the full fury of Mother Nature can do. Outside of storms, even heavy rain and wind can put stress on your vehicle and other property. Constant exposure to the sun’s rays quickly fades vehicle paint. Debris from trees (leaves, moss, sap) and animal droppings can also damage your car or truck over time. Plus, on rainy days you’ll stay safe and dry when you pull into your carport and walk right into the comfort of your home.

In addition, the shade provided by carports makes them an ideal spot for kids to play, or to give pets a comfortable place to exercise. On particularly hot and humid Sarasota days, you’ll enjoy ideal comfort under your carport, while still getting the best nature has to offer.

2) Safety and Security

These days, you have to be vigilant about personal safety. Especially for single drivers, being aware of your surroundings is paramount. Crooks love exposed areas where they feel free to act out their dastardly plans. However, carports provide natural security. Thieves will think twice about confronting you inside the structure.

In addition, security experts say most burglars steer clear of carports, since they can’t fully control the situation. They don’t know who or what might be waiting for them inside (homeowner, guard dog). Carports give you the advantage in a potentially dangerous situation. Not wanting to take the risk, most crooks will simply move on to the next home. 

3) Increased Space

The days of renting costly storage units are over when you invest in a high-quality aluminum carport. This space is an ideal spot to keep all the items you most want and need. That means no more wasting time driving to and from the storage place.

Similar to pool cages in Sarasota, carports can also be used as an entertaining area. You can easily host block parties and casual get-togethers under the shade and comfort of this sturdy structure. Carports can also be used to hold a yard sale, charitable function, or other purposes.

4) Extra Vehicle Storage  

Even if you already have a garage, you can still benefit from an aluminum carport. Tailored to your needs, this structure can be fashioned to house your boat, RV, trailer, ATV, and/or motorcycle. You can even use the space to store bicycles, gym equipment, and other recreational items.

Plus, just like your screen room, carports add instant property value. REALTORs® agree that prospective home buyers are impressed by home improvement add-ons such as this. They appreciate knowing there’s a safe and reliable place to park their vehicles. Even if you don’t plan to sell, the simple pride of ownership you display shows neighbors and guests that you’re a homeowner who cares about the look and feel of your property. 

5) Ease of Use

How many times have you come home with a trunk full of groceries, and then had to navigate how to open the door? Or you have to enlist help from a family member, and then the kids and pets run out and now it’s a big scene? Since carports are open, you won’t have fiddle with buttons, handles/levers, or other inconvenient steps that just slow you down. So, carports can be a big time saver and make your life easier.

For more than 60 years, our innovative property enhancement solutions have helped countless homeowners across Southwest Florida. From replacement windows in Sarasota, to pool enclosures, awnings and shutters, roof overs, and Florida sunrooms, we have products to improve your quality of life.

In addition, we’re known as a reliable installer of Sarasota hurricane windows. In an age of severe weather, sturdy windows are a must. Contact us today to secure a high-quality aluminum carport. You can also learn more about other home improvement projects designed to your exact desires and specifications.

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