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6 Ways to Safeguard Your Sarasota Home This Hurricane Season

6 Ways to Safeguard Your Sarasota Home This Hurricane Season

We may be in the midst of hurricane season, but there are always ways to continue improving upon your home and hurricane preparedness plan! When it comes to safeguarding your Sarasota home against the storm, we’ve got you covered. Just read on for six helpful tips.

Secure windows and doors

When it comes to hurricane preparation, the first step for many is to secure windows and doors—however, plywood simply won’t cut it. The material is not recommended for especially strong storms, nor is it suitable for larger windows and doors because it’s prone to bending in the wind (plus, after being exposed to water, it can’t be reused for future storms). A few sturdy, modern options include:

  • Storm panels, which offer powerful protection for your Sarasota home and can be used season after season
  • Accordion shutters, which offer the same sturdy protection with the added convenience of a one-person installation
  • Impact windows, which require no prep time before a storm. Once installed, they will keep your home protected from high winds and debris typically associated with hurricanes, while delivering a host of other benefits like security, energy efficiency and more.

For solutions like storm panels, accordion shutters and hurricane windows, Sarasota residents can turn to White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota! We have the expertise you need to enjoy long-lasting peace of mind with whatever solution you choose.

Remove outdoor furniture and other items

Another important step is removing outdoor furniture, toys, lawn equipment and anything else that may become debris during a storm. This is doubly important for Sarasota’s waterfront residents, who don’t want their items to be carried off in the event of moving water.

Learn ways to manage water on your property

Even though you can’t prevent moving or rising water, you can help lessen its effect on your home. For example, sandbags, which are often distributed before a storm, can be used to divert water from your home in the event of a flood. This is also a good time to check on your property’s water management. For help with installing a new gutter, Sarasota homeowners can call White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota! This simple but powerful addition can help move water away from your home in the event of heavy rains.

Heed local officials’ advisories

As always, be sure to stay up-to-date with your local news and officials’ advisories. Waterfront communities are often told to evacuate in the event of a hurricane, so be sure to do so if you find yourself in that group. (These evacuation orders can be different for mainland and key-area homes, so know your zone to understand local advisories.)

Safeguard important documents

If you are told to leave, bring important documents with you. If not, you can still safeguard important information by storing it in a watertight container away from the ground level, or atop a bookshelf or high place removed from potential water below.

Remember your boat

Boating is a popular activity in Sarasota! If you own a boat, now is a good time to ensure that it is prepared for potential storms, too. Check your dock or that of your local marina, or store it inside your garage or a designated boat storage facility for guaranteed peace of mind. While you work to safeguard your home, this step will help keep your “home on the water” safe and secure, too.

We hope that these tips help you navigate the rest of hurricane season with confidence! If your home is not yet ready for whatever weather may come its way, call White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota today. We have been proudly serving Sunshine State homes for more than six decades, and would be glad to help with everything from hurricane protection to backyard entertainment solutions and beyond.

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