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5 Big Benefits of Accordion Shutters for Sarasota Homes

5 Big Benefits of Accordion Shutters for Sarasota Homes

When it comes to protecting your Sarasota home’s doors and windows during hurricane season, there are many options to choose from—so what makes accordion shutters stand out? Read on as we share five big benefits of this smart storm protection solution!

They protect your home against high winds and debris

Like sturdy storm panels (but with added convenience), accordion shutters are built with quality materials and the finest in-house craftsmanship. They are built to withstand the high winds and debris that are often associated with hurricanes, so you can rest assured that your home is protected from the outside!

Accordion shutters can be activated in seconds

With the help of accordion shutters, Sarasota homeowners don’t have to spend hours of installation time to enjoy peace of mind! Once we install your accordion shutter system, you will be able to “activate” each window in seconds, with only one person required for the job. The accordion shutters move in an instinctive way, much like the musical instrument they are named after, so you don’t need to worry about a complex process. This makes accordion shutters perfect for just about every type of person, including…

  • First-time homeowners who are unfamiliar with traditional panels
  • Those who lack the time or ability to access their home’s windows with traditional panels, including hard-to-reach areas
  • Those who want to upgrade their storm protection solution for a sturdy, dependable and effortless option

(And of course, accordion shutters make it that much easier to get back to normal after a storm, too, since you don’t need to spend lots of time removing your storm panels!)

They’re the perfect option for seasonal residents

Another group that can greatly benefit from accordion shutters? Seasonal residents! According to Sarasota County, about 90,000 county residents call the area “home” during the cooler months. When these residents are away for the summer, they want to know that their home is protected without having to pay someone to install storm panels in the event of hurricane, or worrying about doing it themselves before their trip (adding, no doubt, to a long pre-trip to-do list!). Accordion shutters are an effortless solution that seasonal residents can truly appreciate. 

They blend seamlessly with the look of your home

Because our accordion shutters are recessed into the sides of your doors or windows when not in use, they do not obstruct your home’s exterior! Rather, they blend beautifully with whatever visual scheme you may have.

You can enjoy more sunny days before the storm

With storm panels, you may find yourself “in the dark” for several days leading up to a potential hurricane. However, because accordion shutters are so easy to activate, you don’t need as much prep time and can safely put them into action much closer to the arrival of the storm (still with plenty of time before the wind and rain arrive). The result? A brighter, more normal day-to-day existence before the arrival of bad weather, and a quicker return to sunshine after, too.

When it comes to protecting your home in Sarasota, hurricane protection in the form of accordion shutters is sure to deliver peace of mind all season long! With more than 60 years of experience in all things home improvement, the team here at White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota is here to help with whatever you may need. Just call us today to learn more.

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