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3 Features for Enjoying Sarasota Sunsets

3 Features for Enjoying Sarasota Sunsets

The perfect way to end a summer day? Capping it off with a beautiful Sarasota sunset! If you’re lucky enough to enjoy vibrant sunset views from your backyard, we’ve got a few simple ways to make the view even better. Take a look.

Replacement windows

Sarasota’s west-coast sunsets are naturally beautiful—and you deserve to see the swirl of light and colors through a new and improved lens! In this case, that “lens” is not a new pair of glasses but a new set of windows.

Replacement windows can make a big difference in your home. In addition to providing protection from debris, new windows can help you save on your energy bill, too, as they prevent cool air from leaking out. So even if the sunset falls at the end of a hot, sunny day, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the view knowing that your home is still as cool as you want.

Another big benefit of replacement windows is that specialty styles can showcase the view in an all-new way. Emphasize the view by framing your entertaining space with a big, expansive picture window, for example, or opt for high statement windows that let you see even more of the sunset than you did before. When it comes to remodeling projects, replacement windows are a can’t-miss step you are sure to appreciate.


There is something truly special about spending time outdoors, especially at that coveted “golden hour” just before sunset when everything seems aglow with warm, vibrant hues. Of course, on a hot summer day, you may prefer to retreat indoors to avoid bugs, humidity or even a sudden shower (Florida is known for its sun showers, after all—sometimes, they make for an even more beautiful sunset!). To enjoy the best of both worlds—proximity to the view outdoors and the comfort of home—opt for a Florida sunroom. This room addition option is perfect for showcasing the panoramic view outdoors, and using it as the ready-made backdrop to dinner parties or impromptu relaxation after a fun day outside. Either way, your sunroom’s expansive glass windows are sure to let the view shine through in all its sunny glory.


Another great place to enjoy the sunset is your very own pergola! This elegant architectural addition lets just enough light in through the shades on top to enjoy the warm, gentle glow of sunset (though you can always add a shade or climbing vines to provide additional coverage). Because your pergola will be surrounded by the outdoors, it lets you enjoy the comfort and luxury of a designated entertaining space while still planting you firmly in the middle of your backyard—so enjoying 360-degree sunset views is as easy (and fun!) as can be. Pergolas work great as entertaining spaces for friends and family, but are also perfect for giving you quiet relaxation at the end of the day. Add your comfiest outdoor chair and soak in the view all around.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy Sarasota sunsets to the fullest, this summer and all year long. For replacement windows in Sarasota, and other home improvement projects ranging from storm protection to pergolas, patio covers and more, call White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota today. With six decades of experience, we’re here and happy to help with any project needs you may have.

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