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Top 4 Patio Improvements

Top 4 Patio Improvements

You may have heard the phrase “outside in the new inside.” Especially in Southwest Florida where the sun shines almost every day of the year, it’s simple and fun to get outdoor enjoyment and make lasting memories with friends and loved ones. In fact, many homeowners are seeking room additions that incorporate nature.

One great area to relax and unwind is right on your patio. There are many ways to spruce up this space and quickly turn it into the most used area of your home. From patio covers, to elegant furniture, interesting art, and décor, and much more, your patio makes the ideal spot for outside dining, elegant entertaining, or simply enjoying your Sarasota-area residence. Read on to discover some of the best upgrades available for your patio.

1) Hosting in Style

Embrace the natural wonder of the great outdoors by hosting parties and casual get-togethers in the shady comfort of your patio cover. Similar to pool cages in Sarasota, this is a spot under which you can feature innovative elements. For instance, tables with built-in wine coolers help keep the festivities going well into the night. You could also include a water feature or a gas fireplace.

When mealtime rolls around, the cozy atmosphere of your covered patio creates the perfect ambiance. String holiday lights from the roof to create a soothing mood. You can also get creative with your own art and décor selections.

2) Outdoor Entertainment

It’s difficult and often downright impossible to gather the whole family for a shared activity. You have to coordinate schedules, give ample travel time to a venue, decide on where to eat, and any number of other considerations. Before you know it, the whole day has passed. By contrast, with a “come as you are, arrive when you can” mentality, friends and family members will each have a blast while they bond with the people they most care about.

Your patio makes a great space to watch the latest blockbuster movies. Set up an inflatable screen (or drape a white sheet from your patio cover) to get the show started. Don’t forget the snacks. Best of all, if someone has to leave the room for a moment (or a guest arrives late), no one will worry about causing a distraction.

3) Unmatched Leisure

Sometimes you just need a break from daily tasks. Under the quiet and shade of your patio cover, you can enjoy the fresh air and special views while remaining protected from the sun and sometimes-harsh Southwest Florida elements. Popular additions for maximum relaxation include patio swings and hammocks. If you’re passionate about gardening, you can surround your patio with aesthetically-pleasing native plants and flowers.

You might even turn your patio into a makeshift camping site. Life is busy, and it’s not always easy to set aside vacation time. However, under the safety and security of your patio cover, kids get all the perks of a great camping experience, while you get the peace of mind that they’re continually protected.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s easy to move into the shelter of your residence. When you have safeguards in place (such as hurricane windows in Sarasota), you know that the people and property in your home will be secure.

4) All Your Favorites

These are just a few of the many possible patio innovations. You’ll have fun coming up with your own ideas/uses for this space that perfectly complement your lifestyle and requirements. In addition, deciding on the best colors, furniture, decorations, and other thoughts can be both exciting and rewarding. This home improvement process starts by reaching out to a trusted and reputable company with a strong track record of success.

For more than six decades, White Aluminum has collaborated with homeowners across Southwest Florida on a variety of property enhancement solutions. That includes Florida sunrooms, retractable screen systems, pool enclosures, pergolas, and ultra-lattice shade, and much more. In addition, we’re known as a premier resource for impact windows in Sarasota and throughout the region. Contact us today to discover affordable and exciting ways to upgrade your patio and entire backyard. 

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