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Fall Home Improvement: Top Trending Ideas

Fall Home Improvement: Top Trending Ideas

New season, new home. Fall is the perfect time to welcome a shift in décor and backyard renovations.

Enjoy the new seasonal patterns and utilize your backyard to the fullest by taking a look at what fall home improvement ideas are trending this year!

Invest in replacement windows

If you ever see condensation on your windows or feel a chilling breeze through the cracks it may be time to replace your windows, and we suggest doing it now before winter comes.

Go for glass windows with multiple panes and spacers in order to fix your problem windows. These new, efficient models will allow you to live more comfortably, and spend less when it comes to electric bills. Just call a White Aluminum professional when you’re ready for some window replacement help!

Touch up trim and siding

Especially in Florida, fall provides many warm days that allow you to work on the exterior of your home.

Start with your paint, go for bold colors this season like maroons, or dark neutrals. Aside from aesthetics, touching up chipped or washed out paint will preserve the life of your trim and siding for months. And, if you’re ever ready to improve your siding and trim try ours - it never rusts and never needs new paint!

Re-do roofing

Believe it or not, when storm season ends, your roof leak problems don’t. Winter seasons actually aggravate roof leaks of any size - tiny or large.

Although Sarasota most likely won’t see any snow this winter, that’s not to say it won’t see chilling rain or cold breezes. The best way to go about solving your roof leak problems is by hiring a professional who can accurately identify where the leak is coming from and how to patch it up. Now you can rest easy knowing the inside of your home is protected! 

Put the pressure washer to the test

There are many reasons to pressure wash your home - aside from it looking extra sharp afterward.

Summer in Sarasota provides much rain and heat which makes a perfect recipe for mold and grime. Before brisk winter hits, pressure-wash the exterior of your home to prevent the buildup of these toxifying germs. 

Even the most manicured homes still need upkeep, maintenance, and improvements especially when the harsh seasons come around. It’s always great to get prepared ahead of time so the efficiency of your home surpasses par. For any of your home improvement needs don’t hesitate to call White Aluminum Sarasota!



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