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How To: Maintain Your Sarasota Windows

How To: Maintain Your Sarasota Windows

You may think home windows are a set it and forget it feature, but really windows need regular maintenance just like everything else!

From heat and storms, Sarasota sees lots of harsh weather which is why keeping your windows up to code is important. It’s not as hard as you may think, just follow the tips below.

Look for cracked panes

You don’t have to see a noticeable crack in your window for something to be wrong.

Aside from security reasons, you will want to fix this problem right away. Having a cracked or broken window pane causes many other problems like allowing heat to seep into your home, or out of your home when the cold weather kicks in.

Replace rubber seals

These are what help keep what’s outside of the home from getting in. Not only that, but these rubber seals keep the glass of the window in place.

As time goes on these seals deteriorate and so inspecting them twice a year will ensure maximum protection and function. When inspecting the seals, look for rotted or missing pieces, if you notice anything but normal contact a White Aluminum professional to replace your window for you.

Examine weather stripping

These little items do exactly as they say- they strip your home of outside weather. They are an important component to any home and you can find these rubber linings between windows and doors.

You would never want heat and energy to escape your home, or allow moisture to come in. Therefore, you need to maintain these strips if they looked cracked, broken, or have pieces missing.

Have windows professionally inspected

The tasks listed above can be completed by any homeowner, but sometimes determining the specific conditions can be hard if you aren’t used to seeing window components.

Hire a home repair or window installation expert to assess the exact condition of your window. They are able to tell right away if deterioration has occurred and how to fix the problem right away.

Not only is it important to upkeep your windows for your home's sake, but also for your wallet's. If your Sarasota windows are up to code you could benefit from a home insurance deduction. Also, if you opt for hurricane protection windows you are even more likely to impress your insurance agent.

For any of your home improvement or window replacement needs, you know who to call, your trusted White Aluminum Sarasota experts. 









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