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Back to School in Sarasota

Back to School in Sarasota

Just like that summer has ended and the new school year has started - if only summer breaks could last as long as Sarasota's heat. White Aluminum is here to help you kick off the new season with ease, just follow the tips below!

Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than feeling behind schedule before the school year even starts.

This is the perfect time to make your new routine because let’s face it, you are no longer on vacation time. Get school shopping done beforehand, coordinate sports practices, and set aside time to prepare for the day ahead. Make lunches the night before and get started on the week's homework.

Schedule family time

Although school seems to lighten some stress on parents, providing extra free time and less babysitting bills, conflicting schedules still seem to get in the way.

With so much running around and extracurricular activity going on, it’s important to schedule family time. Try and eat dinner together at least twice a week. Don’t just sit down at the dinner table though, make it fun and relaxing in your backyard, on the porch, or down at the beach!

Start something new

It’s always nice to shake things up. Get out of your normal routine and look forward to something new. This could be anything from new carpools, playdates, sports, or projects!

If you do find you have free (or quiet) time at the house now that the kids are in school, it’s the perfect time to dive into a home improvement project that you’ve been leaving on the back burner. And, if you're feeling extra crafty, try one of White Aluminum’s DIY projects!

On the weekends, or days after school when everyone is free, set aside some time to be creative and improve your home all at the same time. Our kits are filled with the same top quality materials our employees use, and we have trained professionals available to coach you through the process, they are just one phone call away!

There are plenty of things you can do to make the new school year fun and exciting, and White Aluminum is always here to help you. For more ideas visit our blog or website, we love meeting new customers and engaging with old ones! 








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