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Pergolas: Your Top Summertime Shade Provider

Pergolas: Your Top Summertime Shade Provider

Do you love spending time in the summer sun? Well, why not enjoy it in your very own backyard?

With a built-in pergola, your backyard can be a versatile setting fit to please any needs.

Read today’s blog to see some of the ways a pergola can brighten your backyard and rejuvenate your energy.

It cools you down when you need it most

Although Sarasota residents can withstand the heat almost better than anyone else, everyone needs a cool down break occasionally.  Without the hassle of drying off from the pool and going inside for a shade safe haven, keep the fun going by relaxing under your pergola.

By including some comfortable chairs, a couch, or day bed under your pergola, you can rest your eyes and body from the heat until you’re ready to dive back into the fun.

It creates a luxurious dining area

Is it really summering without frequent parties? Now you have a new way to entertain. Impress guests by setting up the dining area outside!

It doesn’t matter the size of your pergola, there can always be room to set as little as two people or as large as 12 to the table. Surround the area with candles, and place flower arrangements in the middle. With the Sarasota sunset as your backdrop, you’re sure to put on one unforgettable dinner.

It can add value to your home

Your home is where your heart is, so why not love it as much as you can? While living in your home you want to add as many features and amenities for you to enjoy at your leisure. And while that is the best part, when you are ready to move on or shift directions in life, you always want the best value for the home you created.

Attractive landscaping and outdoor features can increase the value of your home up to twenty percent! When you do the math, that’s a whole lot of extra change. So while you may just simply admire your pergola, you also can reap the monetary benefits from it as well!

It’s a unique depiction of your style

There are so many design options to choose from when building a pergola. In the end, the product is totally unique to your personal taste and style. Because pergolas are durable, stain resistant, and impervious to weather and time, their look will always remain the same.

Choose from white, ivory, beige, glass ceiling, no ceiling, etc. You can match the exact foundation of your home, or have it stand out as a centerpiece, whatever you want- the choice is always yours.

We hope this article has given you some reason to install a pergola within your own property. If it has, you know you can always call your home improvement specialists at White Aluminum Sarasota. However, if you’re still on the fence about it,  call us anyway and set up an in home consultation- that way we can show you exactly what we can do for you and your home.  




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