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Turning Your Sarasota Backyard into a Lush Tropical Escape

Turning Your Sarasota Backyard into a Lush Tropical Escape

Looking for ways to bring a lush, tropical vibe into your Sarasota backyard?

The natural beauty of Florida has already laid most of the groundwork—you just have to design and craft an outdoor space that makes the most of it.

In today’s blog, we’ll show you how!

Sweet, sweet shade

Besides, maybe, a refreshing jump into the water, there’s nothing better on a hot day than relaxing under some shade.

With so many ways to add shade to your outdoor space, the options are truly endless—you just need to decide what works best for you and your home. Adding a patio cover to your current space is one great option. You can even add shade in the middle of your backyard using a pergola, which can be outfitted with shades or curtains to make it that much cooler and more refreshing.

Finally, we can’t forget about the addition of natural sources of shade! By planting trees in your backyard now, you’re not just signing up for summertime shade—but for a cooler, healthier, more beautiful space now and years down the line.

Trees that don’t make a mess

Of course, you’ll often want to choose trees that are not too messy—that is, they don’t produce lots of litter, leaves, or seeds. This is especially important when framing your pool or patio space, since a clean tree will prevent you from having to skim or sweep your space very often.

While your local nursery can help you find trees that accomplish this, some choices (like palm trees) will help you accomplish a cleaner space and the tropical feel you’ve been searching for. The date palm is a great example of a tree whose beauty is not negated by a need for constant cleanup.

A practical garden

While you’re busy creating a space that’s beautiful, lush, and full of the Florida atmosphere you love, why not do something practical, too? Turning a portion of your outdoor space into an herb or vegetable garden can help you enjoy the delicious products of a well-maintained garden all summer and throughout the year.

Swim up to greenery

If you’re looking for a natural swimming pool style, try surrounding your water with grass and shrubbery in lieu of a traditional deck. Having plants or bushes near the border of your pool will help them serve as a natural windbreak, lowering evaporation, keeping away debris, and adding to the immersive, oasis-style feel of your pool.

Ready to dive into summer fun with a tropical escape, right in your backyard? We hope that today’s blog has given you ideas and inspiration on how to do just that. For help with outdoor features like pergolas, lattice shades, patio covers and more, just give White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota a call!

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