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Celebrating National Barbecue Month in Your Sarasota Home

Celebrating National Barbecue Month in Your Sarasota Home

May is a time to kick back, relax, soak up the sun… and enjoy some delicious barbecue!

This National Barbecue Month, we’re exploring some of the best ways to design an outdoor space worthy of your next cookout. Take a look!

Improving your outdoor kitchen

If you have an outdoor kitchen built into your patio space, you’re already one step closer to barbecue bliss!

To make your outdoor kitchen even more accessible and easy to enjoy, you might consider improving the space around it. Is it covered, or does a light shower or very sunny day keep you from using the kitchen as often as you would like? If so, the solution may be a simple one—opt for a patio cover, or maybe an adjustable lattice shade that gives you a chance to enjoy the weather on your terms. Covering your space also makes a lot of sense practically, since it prevents the sun from warping or discoloring your outdoor appliances and surfaces.

Top off your space

Barbecues, of course, aren’t just about cooking—they’re about eating, indulging in delicious foods, and spending time with family and friends. Top off your space with a feature that will facilitate this kind of togetherness! A pergola is a great option since it marks off a specific spot made for entertaining. It’s an intentional way to spruce up your space and get it ready for that next cookout (instead of simply adding lawn chairs to your grassy space).

Hang up a hammock and other comfy features

Make your space a comfortable one! A hammock hung up between the posts of your pergola is one easy option that will give family and friends an easy spot to relax at. A comfy papasan chair, sofa bed, or spacious sectional are also convenient ideas for maximizing your space and adding to the laidback feel of your cookout.

Connect inside and out

Even if you don’t have an especially spacious backyard, you can still embrace outdoor entertaining by improving the flow between your home and outdoor space. A sunroom, for example, or the addition of retractable screens can make it easier than ever to head in and out of the house for food, drink refills, and more. You get to enjoy the best parts of the outdoors, without needing a large backyard to do it.

We hope that today’s blog has ignited your barbecue spark—because with an outdoor space like this, you’re sure to be the host of a great many family cookouts to come! Count on White Aluminum Sarasota to help you with the design, planning, and installation of these great features and more.

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