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Four Design Tips For Your Sarasota Home

Four Design Tips For Your Sarasota Home

Living the Florida lifestyle means enjoying to the fullest all that nature has to offer. In Sarasota, we’re lucky to have year-round sunshine and pleasant temperatures. To take advantage of that fact, many people choose to create inviting and relaxing patio spaces.

Patios are a perfect spot for entertaining, family dining, reading, helping kids with homework, and simply unwinding after a long day. They’re an affordable and space-saving addition to any property.

Use these tips to make your patio an area of which you can be proud:

Match to Your Lifestyle

If you look forward to decompressing at the end of the day with a favorite snack or beverage and a good book or television program, you might consider adding a firepit to your outdoor motif. The sometimes-cool Sarasota nights are no reason to cancel enjoyment of your patio.

Add a sense of wonder and delight to the Florida sunset with lighting options. Overhead and mounted electric light, home-made chandeliers, candles, and strategically-placed string lights make any patio feel like a natural extension of your home’s design.

To that end, you can bring colors and styles from the inside to the out-of-doors by placing accent pillows and other design elements in various areas on your patio. Bright colors and happy hues instantly create a welcoming ambiance.

Add Unique Style Elements  

Today’s patio furniture is both eye-catching and functional. Striking the perfect balance between design and comfort, there are nearly-limitless options to match any style and décor. While wicker furniture remains a favorite, some homeowners choose wood, wrought iron, and even recycled plastic seating.

When space is a factor, many people are now opting to use several smaller tables. This retains a cozy and personal feeling when you’re alone, while instantly increasing seating capacity when entertaining guests. In addition, smaller tables allow for intimate meals without the distraction of excess furniture and equipment.

Some homeowners choose to incorporate climbing vines and hanging plants to add accent and interest to the outdoor living space. In addition, placing art, sculpture, and other décor to match your preferences is a great way to make a patio your own. Creative use of curtains, potted plants, and other design elements crafts a serene and picturesque setting for any occasion.

Options abound when it comes to patio ground cover. In addition to a variety of aesthetically-pleasing pavers, other choices include tile, limestone, painted concrete, natural grass/vegetation, and more.

Add Shade for Increased Comfort

Despite the year-round favorable weather, there are times when the hot Sarasota sun makes it uncomfortable to sit outside. Installing a pergola or patio cover is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds: outdoor enjoyment and climate control.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been helping Florida homeowners get the most out of their properties. Along with other products and services, we offer a variety of shading solutions.

From pergolas and patio covers, to screen rooms, louvered roof systems, pool enclosures and more, we have property enhancement solutions to match any budget, style, and personal preference. Contact us today to breathe new life into your patio and outdoor area.



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