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4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Pool Enclosure

4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Pool Enclosure

There are many benefits to pool enclosures in Sarasota. These structures keep out dirt/debris, insects, and pollen/irritants. They also prevent kids and pets from wandering away from your property and winding up in unsafe conditions.

In addition, pool enclosures protect swimmers from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and create the perfect spot for entertaining and enjoying quality time with friends and family. For all these benefits, however, it’s important to recognize the pitfalls of a pool enclosure that’s fallen into disrepair. Luckily, you can avoid potentially expensive and dangerous situations by following this advice.

1) Noticeable Signs of Disrepair

Especially when it’s hot outside, many of us are so focused on achieving quick comfort that we might not notice telling signs for necessary pool enclosure replacement.

That includes a screen that appears white in color or otherwise washed out. This typically signifies brittle or weak screen. Ignoring compromised screen could create unsafe scenarios. That’s why it’s best to contact a trusted professional skilled in screen repair and replacement who can help alleviate the problem.

Another sure need for replacement is noticeable tears. While this might seem obvious to some, the fact is that for every tear that’s visible to the naked eye, there could be several others that aren’t as readily apparent.

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your pool enclosure for damage, especially after severe weather incidents such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

2) Algae Growth

Algae grows and thrives in the moist and warm Southwest Florida environment. However, when it grows on screen, it not only creates an unsightly vision, it could be harmful to the health of you and your loved ones.

Algae won’t go away on its own. Most times, it doesn’t respond to traditional cleaning methods such as bleach and/or water. Instead, if left unattended algae can quickly take over the entire pool enclosure.

It’s also possible that algae has grown in areas that you can’t easily see. This could be detrimental to the well-being of anyone who uses your pool. Avoid that scenario by replacing your pool enclosure with a high-quality aluminum structure featuring sturdy mesh fiberglass screen.

3) Fastener Rust or Missing Equipment

Some unscrupulous contractors cut corners and use inferior materials. That causes pool enclosure fasteners to rust or otherwise fall into disrepair. Sometimes you’ll notice this damage and other times you won’t. When in doubt, it’s best to contact a reputable professional who can accurately address and fix the issue.

Aside from aesthetics, rusted fasteners and missing equipment create a potentially hazardous situation. If severe weather strikes, faulty pool enclosures could detach and become airborne, causing damage and threatening safety. By contrast, high-quality aluminum pool enclosures are designed to withstand high winds and the sometimes-harsh Sarasota elements.

4) Pool Time is No Longer Enjoyable

Not everyone in Sarasota has a pool enclosure. Many people assume installation is expensive and time-consuming. In fact, these structures are affordable, and installation is a simple and efficient process.

If you’ve been on the fence about pool enclosures, consider the many benefits they provide, including:

  • improved ambiance and relaxation
  • protection from bugs and the harsh Florida elements
  • increased aesthetics and property value
  • heightened home “flow” and connection with nature

In addition, pool enclosures provide a welcome escape from the heat and humidity of Southwest Florida.

We’ve been the trusted resource for thousands of homeowners across Sarasota and the surrounding region. In addition to pool enclosures, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are experts in the design and installation of custom screen rooms, Sarasota windows and doors, louvered roof systems, pergolas and ultra-lattice shade, replacement windows and much more. Contact us today to discover the wealth of property enhancement solutions available to you.

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