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An Outdoor Party, 3 Ways

An Outdoor Party, 3 Ways

Summertime is the season of entertaining, of embracing the carefree spirit of the outdoors and enjoying endless afternoons of fun and laughs with loved ones.

Wondering how to turn your backyard or patio into a great get-together spot? Take a look at today’s blog for ways to craft three popular kinds of parties!

Your Sarasota home is the perfect foundation for summer parties you’ll remember (and be remembered for) long after the season ends. We hope that these tips, and a few fun flourishes, help you bring your space to the next level!

For dinner parties…

An outdoor dinner party blends together the elegance of a "grown-up" meal with the simplicity of al fresco entertaining. It’s a great way to enjoy a cloudless summer night—and fortunately, you probably already have everything you need to host one.

While an outdoor dining table makes sense for this kind of party, don’t feel the need to rush to the store to pick one up! Your current sofa and table combo, or even folding furniture, will do the trick. Besides, the real "wow" moment doesn’t happen when your guests see what they’ll be eating on… it happens when they see what’s framing the space they’ll be eating in. A beautiful pergola, with vines and flowers climbing down from the top, is an elegant yet understated way to make the most of your outdoor environment. To add to the dinnertime ambiance, you can even string up a set of lights for the occasion.

For casual cookouts…

A backyard cookout may be a little less formal, but it’s just as delicious! The pergola or even a louvred roof makes sense here, too, as a sort of ceiling for your outdoor kitchen or barbecue setup. Provide lots of easy seating here—no need for place cards or even a table. Just give guests a chance to sit down, relax, and indulge in the burger/hot dog/barbecue skewer before them!

For pool parties…

A pool party is yet another great way to usher in the spirit of summertime fun. A pool enclosure will make this kind of party that much more enjoyable, since it keeps bugs and debris at bay, making for a clearer, more inviting pool.

As for refreshments, the main attraction here is the pool—not necessarily the meal. Make it easy for guests to head out of the pool, grab a bite, and jump back in as they please with handheld treats like kebabs, finger sandwiches, and other appetizers that can be munched on in small bites.

Add a bevy of fun floats into the water and you’re good to go!

As always, turn to White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota for help in giving your outdoor space that extra something that makes it a bona fide party destination. Whether it’s a room addition, pergola, or other outdoor entertaining structure, these features make fun feel easy!


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