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Sand-Proofing Your Home for the Summer

Sand-Proofing Your Home for the Summer

Summer in Sarasota means family fun, splashing around in the water and soaking up the sun from your comfy position in the sand.

When it’s time to go home, however, you probably don’t want all that sand to come along!

For families who practically live at the beach, here are a few simple ways to keep the sand at bay… all while embracing everything that makes a day on the shore so great! Take a look.

Bring the baby powder

Our first step stars before you even leave the beach. Bring along a small bottle of baby powder in your beach bag—then, when you’re ready to leave the beach but are dealing with sandy feet, simply shake on some of the absorbent powder! It will help take away the moisture from the ocean, making the remaining dry sand that much easier to simply brush off. It can also help take away sunscreen residue from your hair, skin, etc. It’s a handy little tool with more applications than one when it comes to the beach!

To help apply the baby powder, you might also opt to bring along an old paintbrush or towel to be used exclusively for de-sanding.

Carve out a "sand room"

You’ve heard of homes with mud rooms. Why not create a sand room? For Sarasota residents who live near the beach (or simply visit it every chance they get), having a designated space where you can come in to dry off, shake off the sand, and store beach gear is a smart idea. By taking care of the cleanup before heading into the house, you can eliminate (or at least lessen) sand being tracked throughout your home’s hallways. And by utilizing your sand room as a beach storage space, too, you can always count on your surf gear, beach chairs, and towels always being readily available the next time you head out.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a new room in your home. Your sunroom, for example, can more than serve the purpose of a sand-friendly space!

For some decorative fun, add coastal flourishes to this area: anchor hangings, wall art, or framed photos of your favorite beach days.

Install an outdoor shower

Finally, one more simple tip: install an outdoor shower! Adding one to your home’s exterior can help you rinse off and catch any remaining sand that the beach showers didn’t get. Plus, it’s an instant way to revive and cool off after a long day in the sun!

These tips will help you bring in the fun, memories, and (of course) suntans from the beach—just not all that sand! Call White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota today to learn more about room additions and other features that will make your home that much more beach-friendly.

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