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Sarasota Windows and Doors: Securing Your Home for the Summer

Sarasota Windows and Doors: Securing Your Home for the Summer

As a city on the water, Sarasota is no stranger to offshore summer storms. Whether it's a hurricane or afternoon thunderstorm, you want to be confident that your home is as protected as possible from the weather elements Florida is known for. 

Fortunately, White Aluminum has you covered! Whether you're in need of window replacements or other protective measures, our home improvement options give you the confidence you need during storm season--plus relaxation all year-round.

Below, take a look at the simple ways we can help get your Sarasota home ready for the summer months and beyond.

Replacement windows

You don't need to move into a new, modern home to enjoy the added protection of brand-new windows--you can simply replace your current ones! Breathe new life into your home with the addition of replacement windows, that be custom-designed to fit your unique needs. Come rain or shine, these windows will protect your home from the elements whether you're at home or on vacation. It's a peace of mind that only the top level of protection can offer.

Storm shutters

If you're in need of storm shutters ahead of hurricane season, we can help with that, too! For homes big and small, we can outfit your windows with sturdy shutters that can easily be equipped before an approaching storm or before your summer vacation, so that you can always rest easy knowing that your home is safe and prepared.

Garage door braces

Despite it being one of the largest pieces of machinery in most homes, the garage door is often overlooked when it comes to storm protection. Even sturdy metal doors can use some added protection in the form of garage door braces, which can prevent your door from being derailed during high winds.


No garage? No problem--while adding an entire garage to your home may be a lengthy process, installing a carport does not have to be. A carport can protect your vehicle from damage during storms with heavy winds, and requires no more space than your driveway already occupies.

Florida weather may not be predictable--but what is predictable is the simple, dependable defense offered to you by our array of windows, doors, and other options. Call us today to learn more!

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