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Sarasota Sunrooms: 5 Summertime Uses

Sarasota Sunrooms: 5 Summertime Uses

Sarasota’s summer practically lasts year-round, so why shouldn’t your fun? Living in South Florida, you have so many options to choose from when it comes to hosting a house full of guests.

At White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota, we believe your fun doesn’t have to stop in the sun…carry it over into your sunroom!

Today’s blog will go over some unforgettable ways to make the best use of your sunroom all year long! Read on to learn more.

Sunset Dinners

You’re probably used to spending long days at the beach, and there is no better way to wind down than in the comfort of your own home. Don't say goodbye to your beach friends, just invite them over for a treasured sunset dinner in your very own sunroom.

Whether you live on the water, or in a beautiful residential area, your Sarasota views make the perfect backdrop for family and guests. Furnish the room with comfortable Floridian seating and a long dining table centered with short-stemmed flowers and candles. Enjoy some seafood or leafy greens and relish in the memories being made.

Rainy day reading

Unfortunately, when it’s summer in Sarasota, it’s also storm season. Although this is true to form, here at White Aluminum we don’t think you should suffer when the weather is. Keep the family active by turning your sunroom into a library/lounge room.

Add big comfy couches and chairs throughout the room, with the back walls dressed in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Enjoy the pitter patter of the rain while reading an adventurous book. It’s a perfect place for kids to catch up on summer reading, or parents to get updated on the latest issue of their favorite magazine.

Indoor-outdoor parties

When you live in a place like Sarasota, your parties should have an indoor-outdoor flow. Your guests can experience breathtaking views from the outside, or inside, of your home with the help of see-through sunrooms.

Setting up food stations outside by the pool or in the yard, and having activities and drinks inside keeps the movement of the party scattered and ongoing.

Spa retreats

Yep, that’s right, with White Aluminum’s home improvement skill, you have the power of turning your sunroom into an in-home spa. Imagine how much you would impress guests and relax on a daily basis.

Create a heaven-like experience with an all-white landscape: drapes, furniture, fresh flowers, and candles. Set up massage beds, water stations, facial kits, and pedicure stands throughout- even the guys will want to take a day off with you.

Family games

What better way to start- or end- the day than with family and friends? Create an active space by filling your sunroom with board games, pool tables, ping-pong, and yoga mats- anything that you and your family would enjoy doing together.

Treating your sunroom as a family and friend gathering game room will always give you something to do. It’s an added feature that most people don’t have because they feel it’s a lavish extension- but it doesn’t have to be.

Our expert team and staff are here to lend you the helping hand you need when it comes to any home improvement project. Stop by one of our locations, or simply call us today to get a dream project of yours started.

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