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Pest Prevention with White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota

Pest Prevention with White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota

No need for constant swatting or bug spray! One of the best pest prevention tips might lie in the actual design of your home.

Wondering how to design a space that’s friendly to outdoor fun—but not-so-friendly to bugs? Take a look at today’s blog for a few of our best ideas!

Pool enclosures

One of the best way to keep bugs at bay this summer is to install a pool enclosure. Swimming pools are enticing, not only to us humans but to mosquitoes who love the water. Fortunately, you don’t need to deal with them as you swim—a sturdy enclosure can help keep the pests out, leaving you a cool, comfortable swimming space!

Retractable screen systems

Maybe you crave the great outdoors, but don’t always want to be exposed to bugs, rainy weather, etc. That’s what our retractable screen systems were made for! You can use them to frame outdoor entertaining spaces in a versatile, flexible way, letting you enjoy your space the way you want to: al fresco, or with a little more coverage.

Room additions

Have you ever considered a room addition as potential pest prevention? With a White Aluminum room addition (either a sunroom, Florida room, or screen room), we often won’t need actual added space to make the change. We can use your existing patio or outdoor space, and simply turn it into a more weather-controlled spot. This way, you don’t have to forego the simple pleasures of seeing the great outdoors with your morning coffee or while entertaining friends—you just will be a little comfier and drier in the process! And, of course, it helps you keep away those pesky bugs.

Outdoor fans

One last simple measure is worth considering: the outdoor fan! If you don’t already have one or two installed, think about doing so this summer. It can improve air circulation in your outdoor space, making it harder for mosquitoes and other bugs to smell carbon dioxide (which you naturally breathe out) or your patio lunch.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve a space that’s conducive to everything you love about summer… and nothing you don’t. For help with these features and more, call White Aluminum & Windows Sarasota today! We’re your go-to local team for home improvement that works.

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