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What to Look for in a Pool Enclosure Professional

What to Look for in a Pool Enclosure Professional

Pool cages in Sarasota come with many benefits. You get better protection for your pool, improved safety for everyone (especially kids and pets), reduced cleaning and maintenance, and more. In addition, these structures are the ideal spot under which to host parties, outdoor dinners, and quality time with friends and loved ones.

Still, it’s important to realize that not all screen contractors are equal. You might have seen ads from or even been approached by shady individuals who claim they can offer bottom-barrel pricing for high-quality work. As with other things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

What many homeowners don’t realize, however, is that installing a durable and dependable aluminum pool enclosure on your property is a straight-forward and affordable process. Learn how to choose trusted and reputable professionals by following this advice. 

Company Specifics

Check for details such as licensing and insurance. It’s also wise to learn more about the experience of the company. Some places are fly-by-night outfits who’ll take your money and run. You should be able to easily find the physical address and other telling facts regarding the company’s validity.

Next, pay attention to quality. That includes not only the quality of past work, but the level of customer service and attention-to-detail you might expect.

Lastly, performance is a major factor. A simple web search will show if the company makes promises it can’t/doesn’t keep, performs shoddy work, or otherwise tries to cut corners. Today, there are many online review sites where you can get an accurate total picture of the company’s reputation. 


When it comes to fashionable and functional pool enclosures for your home, you might have a vision in mind. That includes budget considerations, basic design, and other factors. The last thing you want or need is some dishonest crook trying to pull a fast one.

By contrast, when you partner with a skilled and qualified pool enclosure contractor, you’ll get service tailored to your unique desires and requirements. That includes up-front disclosures of the materials used, installation specifications, and more. You should never feel pressured into making uncomfortable decisions.

At White Aluminum, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are always glad to answer questions and offer valuable insight into all the options available to you. Our goal is to create home improvement solutions of which you can be proud.


A favorite tactic of shifty salespeople is to bend the truth and/or flat-out lie. They’ll tell you that your pool enclosure screen can be patched when it can’t, or that you need expensive upgrades that simply aren’t necessary. They’ll keep on pushing an objective even when you’ve made it clear you’re not interested.

Successful companies have no need or desire to play such games. Instead, you’ll always get a realistic view of the situation, options on how to remedy potentially-dangerous scenarios, plus advice and recommendations that can improve your property value and overall quality of life.

For example, we feature on our website not only our products but a basic description of each one’s benefits. In addition, it’s easy to learn more about our company, read testimonials from actual customers, and more.

Quality and Dependability

For more than 60 years, White Aluminum has been a trusted leader in Southwest Florida. That tenure alone speaks volumes about the high-quality products and professionalism we provide. Still, we’re most proud of the stellar customer experience we strive for with every project. Repeat business from satisfied customers demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

We offer a wide variety of products including awnings and shutters, carports and patio covers, Florida room additions, replacement windows and more. In addition, we’re the go-to resource for home improvement in Venice, Florida and the surrounding region. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your property into a relaxing refuge.

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