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Entertainment Aglow in Your Sarasota Home

Entertainment Aglow in Your Sarasota Home

Nothing gets you in the seasonal spirit quite like the warm glow of a fire, surrounded by the people you love.

This year, usher in seasonal parties and family gatherings with that famous, flickering glow. Read on for a few easy ideas on how to do it!

A festive fireplace

Let’s start simple, with the good-old-fashioned fireplace! Many of us have one in our homes, but due to Florida’s year-round warmth, we rarely have the need to use it. As a result, your fireplace might need some sprucing up before you start it up this season.

You can start by cleaning up the hearth, but a chimney sweep can help you clear out the “behind-the-scenes” mechanics of your chimney, ensuring that it operates safely. That’s especially advised if you haven’t used your fireplace in the last year.

Once everything is clean, clear and ready to go, kick back and relax! A fire screen can help keep you warm without overheating your space—perfect for those cool-but-not-too-cold Florida evenings.

Backyard bonfires galore

When the weather is brisk, you can’t go wrong with a backyard bonfire! Use your outdoor fireplace or fire pit to create a warm, cozy atmosphere that brightens up the night. You can kick back with a movie outdoors, or catch up with friends around the fire and a batch of gooey s’mores—or, as the old song goes, maybe some roasted chestnuts!

Tiki torches: summer meets winter

When it comes to warming up your space and providing that familiar glow, a classic summertime staple might be just what you need! Bring out the old Tiki torches for a touch of tropical warmth—so even on your coolest fall and winter nights, you can easily enjoy that flickering ambiance as you entertain.

Effortless candles

Finally, we can’t forget about candles! They are effortless to set up and enjoy, and lend a cozy feel to your family dinners and holiday get togethers—not to mention, permeating your space with your favorite scents. If you want that classic flickering, without needing to put your candle out at the end of the night, battery-powered candles still “glow” and make a perfect addition to bedrooms, dens, and other spots where you like to kick back and doze off.

What’s your favorite way to kick back and warm up to the holidays? Be sure to share it with us below!

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