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Home Improvement Sarasota: Achieving a Stress-Free Space

Home Improvement Sarasota: Achieving a Stress-Free Space

You know that home improvement measures can make your space safer and more functional--but did you know that they can also help you reduce stress in your own home?

At White Aluminum, we believe that a relaxing home is one whose custom additions are designed to suit your needs. Take a look at today's blog to see how we can help you make life at home simpler and more enjoyable, every day.

Spend more time outdoors

In Sarasota, backyards both big and small give homeowners the chance to soak up the sun and enjoy beautiful weather all year-round. Turn your patio into an entertainment space of its own--whether that means adding a dining table, TV, café table and chairs set, or even a game table. You can keep it safe and dry with the help of a patio cover or even design your own pergola. Finally, when you want to feel the warmth and comfort of the great outdoors--without actually having to lather on the sunscreen or mosquito spray--a sunroom or Florida room can help you achieve just that.

Take advantage of natural beauty...

Studies show that stress is offset (and productivity improved) when you're exposed to natural greenery, especially in the way of plants! Open up your home to this natural beauty using large windows or retractable screens that will let you see your beautiful view from a variety of places.

...and music

No, we're not talking about actual music (though an outdoor sound system can make your pool parties and get togethers that much better!). Take advantage of the natural sounds of your backyard, from running water elements to decorative wind chimes that play sweet sounds with every breeze. These sounds are sure to make you feel relaxed and right at home, whether you're kicking back on the patio, enjoying an afternoon swim, or lounging around in your sunroom.

Cut down on chores

Why not cut down on the stress of everyday chores? While it's impossible to get rid of every task and cleanup job in your home, some (like sweeping up outdoors, or skimming the pool) can be avoided with the addition of a pool enclosure or patio cover.

Avoid summertime stress

If you love family vacations but don't love the stress that comes with leaving your home vulnerable to potential storms, cut down on that stress by safeguarding your home now. Stronger, sturdier impact windows can protect your home from debris in the event of a summer storm, for example.

Make your home a space that you love! We hope that these ideas help you get an idea for the kind of home you want--and of course, once you're ready to design, we'll be there to help you along the way!

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