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Sarasota Home Improvement: Adding a Springtime Pergola

Sarasota Home Improvement: Adding a Springtime Pergola

Don’t watch the sun, sky, and beautiful weathers from indoors—get out and soak it all in!

This spring is the perfect opportunity to rethink your routine and spend more time outdoors. One of the best ways to do that—and spruce up your space at the same time—is with the addition of a brand new pergola.

Take a look at today’s blog to see all the reasons we love this perennial backyard favorite!

A garden party go-to

What says “springtime” quite like a festive backyard garden party, an open-air outing for friends and family to come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of Florida living? If you have a garden party or similar event on your springtime itinerary, don’t forget the iced tea; tea cookies; plenty of party favors; and a landscaping feature that can pull it all together. Rain or shine, your pergola will help you enjoy the outdoors even more than you already do.

Your perfect display of greenery…

Even if your backyard isn’t teeming with lush, broad-leafed plants and towering palms, you can still elevate your space’s greenery by having it crawl (through vines and similar plants) atop your pergola structure. It’s a great way to get some natural shade and vibrant color to surround your space.

… or a nighttime escape

For al fresco dinner parties, your pergola can provide a cool and comfy place to enjoy every course you throw its way. To add a sense of ambiance to your pergola during nighttime entertaining, string up some lights and watch them twinkle from above as you and your guests enjoy your evening.

Making the most of spaces big and small

Do you have a big backyard? A small one? Adding a pergola can help you make the most of both. In larger spaces, the addition of a pergola can help you easily define sections of your yard (marking it off as an entertaining or relaxing space, for example, separate from the kids’ toys and play areas further into the grass). If you have a small yard, a pergola adds a sense of luxury and intentionality—so that when you entertain outdoors, you’re doing so with a purpose.

An addition that will last

Finally, your White Aluminum pergola is a quality addition because it’s built to last—and last, and last, and last. Its heavy gauge aluminum and stain resistant resin means that rain, sun, and all the other elements won’t be enough to wear away its stylish, impressive finish.

Classic, fun, and the perfect backdrop to many a family get together, we think a pergola is worth considering this spring and summer! Call White Aluminum Sarasota today to see how you can bring this unique feature to your own space. 

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