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Sarasota Home Improvement: Finding Just the Right Light

Sarasota Home Improvement: Finding Just the Right Light

Fall is all about an atmosphere that’s warm, cozy, and aglow with familiar faces. And it starts with the right lighting!

Finding the right light, of course, can be tough… especially when there are so many options to consider! Fortunately, we can help. Take a look below as we share a few tips to keep in mind as you search for the perfect glow.

Know your temperature

Before you decide on any lighting setup or new bulb, it helps to consider the temperature. Do you want cooler lights, that are extra bright and shiny (typically referred to as daylight or cool white)? Or do you prefer the warm, yellow glow that’s provided by soft white bulbs? Your home doesn’t have to be all or nothing—it can enjoy a mix of the two, since some places are perfect for that crisp, bright light (like your kitchen prep space) while others might benefit from a cozier feel, like your bedroom or family den.

Add some variety...

Speaking of variety, try a mixture of lighting styles as well! A combination of floor lamps, accent lights, recessed lighting and more can make your space more visually interesting and customizable, since you can turn on (or off) as many as you’d like.

… and seasonal touches

As we head into the cooler months and approach the holidays, you might have seasonal décor on your mind! Now is a great time to start searching for beautiful strings of light to wrap around your bannister, or decorative sconces that add a seasonal flair to your front porch.

Don’t forget about the details

As you design the lighting scheme for your home, don’t forget the little details! Smaller spaces like the underside of your kitchen cabinets or the corners of your powder room can benefit from bright bursts of light that guide the way.

Anchor your space with natural light

Above all, be sure to anchor your space with natural light whenever possible! There’s no better way to light your day and keep up with the day’s natural clock than with natural lighting, so take advantage of big, beautiful windows where you can. 

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to achieve a sparkling ambiance—the perfect backdrop to all that fall has to offer!











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