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Turning Small Rooms Spacious: Our 5 Top Tips

Turning Small Rooms Spacious: Our 5 Top Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could double the size of your home with the wave of a magic wand?

Sure, that may just be a fantasy… but there are still plenty of ways to get more out of your space! They start with design options and additions that create the feeling of spaciousness, without adding an entirely new wing to your home.

Take a look below to see a few of our top tips!

Add windows where possible

Windows can make all the difference when it comes to brightening up your space and, as a result, creating a more spacious look. Think about it—windows extend the visual plane, inviting the eye to see beyond the walls of your room and enjoy the view outside. They also flood your space with daylight, which illuminates the space and eliminates that dark, cramped feeling. You can opt for big picture windows, a bay setup, or a custom design that fits your unique space!

Take down a wall

Even if you can’t change the square footage of your home, you can make your existing space more usable by removing unnecessary walls. You can often find (in older homes especially) waist-high walls between your kitchen and dining room, for example, or narrow hallways that prevent you from seeing what’s on the other side. Taking down these walls is a project that will help you open up your space and make it that much more walkable (and livable!).

Consider a change of furniture

Maybe you’ve downsized to a smaller home recently, and are looking for ways to open it up. One of the simplest changes you might have overlooked? Switching out your old furniture! Swap out large, oversized sofas and tables with smaller (but just as comfy) options that fit better with the scale of your new space.

Play with the layout

Another furniture-centric tip is to play with the layout of your space. It may seem like pushing your furniture up against the wall would open up the space, creating more floor room, but doing so can actually highlight the walls (constraints) of your room. Instead, set up a smaller room like you would any other!

Make outdoor spaces more usable

Finally, look to the great outdoors for making your space feel bigger! You can create a flow from indoor to outdoor spaces, like your patio, by covering them with screens or vinyl surroundings. When your home starts to feel a little cramped, these fixes will let you pass in and out of the busiest spots with ease.

You don’t need magic to help your home grow—by employing these tips, you’re already well on your way! You can count on White & Aluminum & Windows Sarasota to serve as your local team for all things home improvement. Just give us a call today!











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